Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Ossicle provide top end orthopaedic surgical support to small animal practitioners in the West of England and South Eastern Wales region. We may be a small enterprise but we build long term friendships with the vets we support, many of whom have trusted us to look after their patients for nearly twenty years.

We care about our patients.

Being small, we can dedicate our time to treat our patients as individuals, looking out for the small things that make a difference to them, whether its the technicalities of anaesthesia and patient support or just making sure dinner is on time!

We are a progressive team.

We clock up hundreds of continued education hours and hundreds of travel miles each year, keeping right up to date, ensuring that our patients benefit from the best options for care that are available for them.

We will give an honest opinion.

The results and outcomes we talk about come from assessment and critique of our own work. Ossicle maintains a rigorous clinical audit program. We are prepared to openly discuss those things that didn’t go as well as everybody had hoped. We share our data with other surgeons working in our field, both informally and in contribution to professional publications.

Ossicle doesn’t do it all.

When we encounter a patient that needs care or treatment of a nature which we cannot provide at the highest level, then we will point you in the direction of a service which excels in that field.

‘We will care for your companion as if they were our own’.

Not a sound-bite. A promise.