PAUL Procedure

Elbow Dysplasia frequently results in loss of the articular surface cartilage on the inside half of the elbow joint. This is known as ‘Medial Compartment Disease’ and can lead to long term elbow pain and lameness.

arthroscopic image of cartilage loss on inner side of a labrador elbow

Based on Kyon’s ‘Advanced Locking Plate’ technologies, the PAUL technique developed in collaboration with Dr. Ingo Pfeil in Germany, is a surgical treatment option for managing lameness in medium to large breed dogs with loss cartilage from the inner halves of their elbow joints.

PAUL Procedure


The PAUL technique aims to shift the axis of weight bearing away from the damaged inner surfaces across to the unharmed outer half of the elbow joint by using a plate with an ‘offsetting step’ applied across a cut made in the ulna bone on the back of the forearm just below the elbow.

PAUL Procedure xrays

For more information on the use of the PAUL technique take a look on the Kyon website.